Remodeler’s Guide Part 5

kitchen2Six Steps To Sanity

You’ve done all the remodel preparation work, created your communication plan, and set up your temporary kitchen. Now you’re ready for the real remodeling to begin.

There are some important things to remember during this all-important phase. The constant commotion of a remodeling project can lead to feeling a loss of control that results from disrupted routines and constant interruptions to your personal space. The best way to prevent this is to prepare well, remember that “this too shall pass,” and focus on the progress being made.

Follow these six tips to help you keep your sanity during your remodeling project.

  1. Create A Path
    Map out the path the contractors will take from your door to the kitchen and protect those floors by laying down carpet scraps, old rugs or plastic drop cloths. This will ensure all materials are accounted for, and that dust and dirt from footprints and delivery vehicles are kept to a minimum.
  2. Designate A Safe Haven
    Dedicate at least one place in your home as a “construction free” zone where you can escape from the chaos and commotion.
  3. Guard Against Dust
    During a remodeling project, dust has the unfortunate tendency to appear everywhere, from lampshades to plates stacked inside your kitchen cabinets. To keep out as much dust as possible:

    • Seal off doorways and stairs
    • Turn off central air/heat when workers are sanding and stock up on extra filters so you can change them often
    • Use doormats and temporary floorcoverings where appropriate
    • Remove or cover anything that might get damaged by the dust.
  4. Maintain A Sense Of Humor
    Remember that certain things are out of your control and it’s best to laugh rather than upset yourself about things like the weather or delayed delivery of materials.
  5. Have Some Fun
    Try to roll with the changes and remember that it’s just temporary. Tell the kids that you’re “camping in” and set up a picnic in the living room. If the weather is nice, spend more time outdoors, barbeque often, picnic outside, even set up a tent and camp out! If you’ve been thinking about a day trip or a weekend away, now might be just the time to do it. Do your best to transform the inconvenience into fun.
  6. Track The Progress
    Set up a bulletin board in your temporary kitchen to track the remodeling progress. Take pictures throughout the process, make a checklist and keep a calendar of significant milestones so you can cross off each step as it happens. It will help keep your frustration down if you can see that you’re getting closer to your end goal – a new room.

Be patient: the process hardly ever happens as quickly as you hoped it would. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the remodel of which you’ve been dreaming. And looking back, it will all seem like a distant memory!
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