US Floors: Green Flooring Fit For Your Family

For most flooring companies, the idea of sustainability has to do with the durability of its products. That’s important, of course; you want to make sure your new floors start gorgeous and stay that way. DCH Flooring LLC certainly agrees, but as a company with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, USFloors takes sustainability to an entirely new level.

We care about your comfort—even beyond the walls of your home. As the leading importer and producer of eco-friendly hard flooring, USFloors is leaving a mark on the industry without leaving a mark on the environment. In fact, not only have they implemented practices that reduce their energy footprint, but also their products and processes have a positive environmental impact.

Baroque: Beautiful Floors Straight From The Source

Baroque is more than just a brand of flooring. It’s a business built around the idea that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. For Baroque that means growing, harvesting, and manufacturing their own flooring exactly the way it’s intended to be, so that homeowners can be confident that the products in their home have been created with the highest standards.

Flooring can serve as a backdrop or take center stage as the conversation piece around which your room was designed. Either way, selecting the perfect flooring for your home is an important decision you don’t want to take lightly.

Baroque understands this, and offers hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, and Rocaille Waterproof Flooring built on three pillars: responsibility, durability, and beauty.

Harding®: Budget Friendly Hardwood Flooring

The number one constraint on all remodeling projects is budget. Depending on the room you’re planning to remodel, hardwood flooring can add great value to the home in question, but typically it can eat up a large chunk of your budget. Fortunately, there are hardwood floor brands that won’t require you to sacrifice style or quality for the sake of your project budget.

You can find exceptionally affordable hardwood floors that are just as attractive as comparable higher priced hardwood flooring. One such brand is Harding Hardwood.

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Prized for their natural beauty, our hardwood floors come in countless colors, styles and species to help you transform your home. Armstrong® Flooring is crafted from the finest American, imported and exotic hardwoods, for durability you can depend on for a lifetime.

Regardless of the type of flooring you’re interested in, Armstrong Flooring has literally hundreds of options from which to choose, from hardwood to vinyl. The company’s 150-year legacy celebrates its continued commitment to providing customers with inspiring designs, unparalleled durability and uncompromising quality.

Avienda®: Naturally Luxe Hardwood Floors

As you choose products for your home remodeling project, you want to select things that make a statement and really speak to your personal style. After all, that’s what your home is – a reflection of you. You’re creating a look and feel that is uniquely yours, and everyone who walks into your home will feel it.

If your personal style is eclectic and authentic, you’ll want products in your home, including flooring, that reflect that sense of style. Avienda is a distinct product line offering variety, luxury, and imagination.

All these excellent, quality products are proudly available through DCH Flooring LLC.

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